"Having 25 + years in the design, construction and facility industry, I have seen or been involved with almost any set of circumstances in the development process.

This has allowed me to do extensive traveling and I enjoy the speed and the long days that accompany travel. I mostly enjoy the personal interaction with the people who have the “boots on the ground” for each individual project. I feel that having a personal commitment and honest approach to each project and owner, is needed to create a smooth and clear process.

Being brought up in a construction household, being part of a team, working hard and getting the project completed, on time and right was forever embedded into my DNA. Although a trained architect, this practical foundation has allowed my career to always be based in reality and have a solution driven, no nonsense approach." - JoDee Johnson, Founder of Ivy Helix.



She loves

water and lake life - without the gators!

She loves

cold weather and snow. (even though she's been in the south for 20 years!)

She loves

home projects and small renovations

She loves

Time with family and friends; meals, time by the pool - the whole nine yards!

Our mission is to provide an intelligible and enjoyable experience through the design and construction process, by adapting to unique details within each project and owner. 

and our passion for design and architecture runs deep.

Our founder, JoDee Johnson, loves to study architectural history, finding order through the chaos and finding the human interaction within all of it. She's been involved in construction in some way, shape or form from birth. The design is by choice - the marriage of both of them from PASSION.

At Ivy Helix, we work with companies who need a person for the long OR short term, to cover the design and construction process. We make the process easy to understand and we enjoy teaching people who want to learn more about their projects. 

Let's see how we can work together.