Design Creation & Management

Whether you are starting from scratch or needing to adapt a current design into a specific space, I can create the space layout with operations and functionality in mind. Then we can choose elements, light fixtures, finishes and flow that make the space unique and branded for you. I can manage the process and line up the architect , check drawings for alignment with the brand and vision. manage the permitting and follow the design through construction for adherence to the vision. 

Design process with practical application 

Relatable and engaging design that relates to each brand and client. 

Life cycle approach engaging with materials, maintenance and operational costs. 

Managing the design process to maintain quality and consistency throughout the construction process. 


Here's what Ed had to say...

"I have known and have chosen to work with JoDee Johnson for many years. The reasons are simple. You will not find a more passionate and professional design and construction partner than JoDee. She will make you think and she will always push for the best solution to a project…whether that be the best economic, guest-experience, aesthetic solution or any combination of the three. Be aware that her positive approach and her amazingly hospitable nature are infectious to those who work around her." - Ed Bordelon | Vice President Design & Construction Cafes at Hard Rock 

Construction Management

From reviewing drawings for compliance, qualifying bids, working with the GC to minimize change orders , scheduling, timing, install of owner provided items through CO and turn over to operations our management process is one of only being there when needed especially if involves travel. We work with partners that can provide management software, even on site cameras so that the creation of the space can be monitored while being efficient in cost to the owner. 

Reviewing construction documents for coordination

Qualifying bidders and bids on your project

Managing and minimizing field change orders and delays. 

Contract negotiation and scheduling. 

Working with suppliers and vendors for an on time delivery 

Staying on site when needed to assist with difficulties and meeting deadlines 


Brand Standards Creation & Management

When establishing a brand or a look, certain guidelines must be set for everyone to follow so that the brand is consistent and the brand recognition is there. We take the logo, marketing content, direction and demographic and apply this to the building. There are architectural identifiers that are as equally as important to the brand as the logo. This is iconic architecture. Let us put this in a manual that is easy to follow for franchisees, architects and contractors so that the brand is always consistent. 

Define architectural standards that make a brand recognizable and consistent. 

Design in variations to allow flexibility for different construction types while maintaining the brand look and feel. 

Create guidelines for rollout to franchisees or the site adapt architects for brand standards. 

Establish national partnerships and accounts for brand consistency. 


Value Engineering Services

If we don't create the initial look and you have a look that you love, but it is too expensive for a rollout, this is where we really shine. We review the design and identify the key elements that identify the brand. Then we look at how the construction, facility maintenance and operations will work with the design and the life cycle of everything. We compare this ROI, the lease and the important factors to your guest and the operations team to get you where you need to be. we have a wide network of suppliers and creative vendors across the nation to assist you with your dream. 

Creating efficient design alternatives 

Looking at life cycle costs for extended value. 

Keeping the concept while driving costs down. 

Creative solutions for construction methods while maintaining schedule and supply issues. 


Here's what BRYON had to say...

I have the great pleasure of working with JoDee for the last 5 years. When I became involved in launching Pivotal Growth Partners and needed a Design professional to aid us in prototyping a new look and feel for Jeremiahs Italian Ice, I brought her onto the team to be our strategic resource to make that happen. JoDee is a great designer and an architect that understands the links between design, function and costs. I will continue to utilize her services and can recommend her with the highest level of confidence for any size project." - Bryon Stephens | Co-Founder, Pivotal Growth Partners

Handyman Services Orlando

We offer local to Orlando, Handyman services for a wide range of projects and needs. If you need small repairs and maintenance just let us know and we will see if we can help! 

Tile and flooring repair 

Drywall repair and painting 

Light bulb changing and minor electrical repairs. 

Minor plumbing repairs for leaking faucets, fixtures 


Site Survey Services

Looking to rent a space but don't have existing drawings or documents? We can help. We have a capabilities for 3D Surveying, documentation in 2 and 3D, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Structural existing conditions documentation and exterior rendering alteration services.

Visit your site and create documentation 

Photo and video documentation 

Permitting investigation 

Verification of services: Electrical, water, gas service. 


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